Seabrook Seeders are an easy to use and simple pasture seeding machine available in drawn units and for mounting to existing implements, like dozer rippers, blade ploughs, off sets and chisel ploughs.

Drawn Seeders


Trailing units to be drawn behind a vehicle or impliments are a simple means of seeding or pasture crops.

Drawn units start from 1.8 metres up to 5.4 metres in standard sizes and 5.4 metres to 12 metres are also available in folding and contour flexing drawn units.  For example the 5.4 metre and 7.2 metre drawn units fold up to a transport width of 2.5 metres and can be supplied with leaf spring suspension on the transport wheels.  The seeder wings fold forward onto the draw bar in the transport position.  The wing fold is a one man operation taking only about 10 minutes to set the machine up ready for seeding operation or to fold up for transport.

End tow set ups are also available for standard drawn machines incorporating an extra transport axle and relocating the draw bar to an end tow position. 

All drawn units come supplied with 

  • Rear tow points to pull covering harrows or rollers.
  • Drawn units are available with either 14" or 16" wheels (14" being the standard)
  • Removable draw bar (in non folding units) for transport
  • Weather proof design.