Seabrook Seeders are an easy to use and simple pasture seeding machine available in drawn units and for mounting to existing implements, like dozer rippers, blade ploughs, off sets and chisel ploughs.



SEABROOK SEEDER boxes can be mounted to a wide range of implements from dozers, cutter bars, blade ploughs, discs, scarifiers and chisel ploughs.

Boxes are made with base mounting plates and are easily mounted to most implements.

A range of drive options are provided or boxes can be supplied without drives.

Weather proof design and easy filling with self supporting frame make for an easy simple seeding set up.

Boxes can be supplied with mount positions made to your specifications.

Boxes can be custom built to suit specific applications

Mounted boxes can be supplied with seed cup attachments allowing seed to be metered from the Seeder box through tubes to tynes or discs etc.  These seed cup attachments are fixed to the splash plate under the seed outlets and are easily installed.