Seabrook Seeders are an easy to use and simple pasture seeding machine available in drawn units and for mounting to existing implements, like dozer rippers, blade ploughs, off sets and chisel ploughs.


DRIVES:  Seabrook Seeder Boxes can be provided with various drives.



For boxes mounted to implements using a tractor with hydraulic capability, a hydraulic drive using the tractor hydraulic oil supply are robust and easy to set up.

A tractor without hydraulic oil flow control will need a hydraulic flow control unit fitted to the seeder.

Boxes are provided with 4 metre hoses and have Pioneer hydraulic couplings



Electric drives for Seeder boxes are available in:

  • 24 volts or 12 volts (540w)
  • End or Centred Mounted

Commonly for use with dozers, a 24v or 12v electric centre mounted drive is a good option providing protection for the motor and gear box.

Electric drives are provided with a power plug, isolator switch, lid switch and circuit breaker protection.



A ground drive is a good option for boxes mounted on implements that have a ground wheel to associate a drive to.  This simple drive, as with a drawn unit, are easier to calibrate seeding rates and the seeding rate is maintained with changes in ground speed.

Ground drives are mostly custom built to specifications.